This weekend we had the opportunity to do makeup and hair at a wonderful tropical destination wedding.
The wedding took place in a spectacular location in the Mexican Pacific called Punta Monterrey and was organized by the Designer and Wedding planner Rebeca Magaña from
About 70 minutes by car from Puerto Vallarta and passing a few miles through the touristy town of San Pancho, is the detour to get to Punta Monterrey.
To get to the location you have to go down an exotic dirt road that makes you feel that you are living an authentic adventure in the jungle, among palm trees and plants full of tropical flowers. After a few curves through the jungle, you will feel like you are breathless when you can see an intense blue sea looming on the horizon.

Our great beauty team!

When we arrived at the resort, they had assigned us the yoga room to do makeup for the bride and her guests. A diaphanous space with a spectacular view to make an amazing tropical getting ready. This room is on the top of a hill with rustic cabins set on a snake-shaped path. the view from the place is amazing.

We started with the wedding beauty getting ready

Regina is probably one of the most in love brides I have ever met. The bride and her family were really happy and her presence filled the atmosphere with positive energy. This was really refreshing considering that the wedding took place in 2020, a special year full of anxiety and restrictions due to the Covid-19.

The bride wanted a fresh and natural look for her makeup. And she asked us for a beach wave hair look .

We did a glow makeup look and used airbrush to make sure her makeup doesn’t melt with sweat. We started bridal makeup at 13:30 and the wedding finished at twilight.

We used moroccanoil for her styling because that helped us create a messy beach texture. Hair styling was doing by Alex Ortiz, one of the stylists of our staff.

Irene Guerediaga did the airbrush makeup, and used the makeup brand Temptu. Eyes makeup was doing with rose and coral tones from #backtalk palette from Urban Decay. Our MUA also applied a little glitter from Stila called Shimmer & glow liquid eye shadow #jezebel.

For lips she used a beautiful pink from Nars (Audacius palette #disobedience).

We also do the makeup & hairstyle for her family and some friends and the whole group was very friendly and charming. It was a real pleasure working for them 🙂

Thank you so much REGINA & JORGE for choosing us as beauty vendors for your wedding day!!!

Photography by Julien Leveau






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